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Local   -       Sustainable   -         Humane
We are proud to be a member of The Livestock Conservancy and an Animal Welfare Approved certified farm.  To learn more about AWA standards of care for farm animals, click on the
logo below. We are also a certified Piedmont Grown farm.

The Farm:
Yellow Wolf Farm is a small, sustainable, diversified farm located in the Piedmont  Triad (Forsyth County) area of North Carolina in Walkertown.  We specialize in humanely raised, grass-fed meat, fresh eggs, Heritage breeds of livestock and goat milk bath and body products.

Education-Passing on our knowledge of animals, protecting the land and water  and raising good food is important to us.  We have expanded our classes for the fall of 2013 and early winter of 2014. Please go to our Classes and Special Events page for information on classes, farm tours and links to other fun farm and food events happening in the area! 

What we do-Our animals are raised on rotated pastures and never given hormones, antibiotics or medicated feeds. Cattle, sheep and goats are all completely grass-fed and finished (never grained).  Hogs and poultry are raised on pasture and given a certified organic/no soy/no GMO feed plus whey, organic vegetables and raw milk from our goats and cows. We do not use herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our pastures. We do not own a tractor, but use small machinery and draft horses for work.

Animals are treated holistically if they need treatment of any kind. 
We raise registered  Texas Longhorn cattle, registered Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs Hereford pigs, Alpine and Sanaan dairy goats, donkeys for guarding livestock and for riding/work, meat goats (Boer & Kiko cross), White Dorper, registered Tunis and heritage breeds of poultry.  Livestock and poultry for sale are listed on our "For Sale" page.

What's New!

Employment & Interns:
We will also have at least one intern position available for 2014.
Please contact Stacy at if you are interested in either of these positions and we will contact you when we are ready to proceed with filling the positions.

Farm & Foodie Classes
We have a new series of classes that will be held each fall and early winter.  These classes are for anyone who supports local food, wants to raise their own food or just loves eating and talking about food!  Go to our Classes & Special Events page for more information.

Farm Dinners
Stay tuned-we are working on setting up some fabulous farm dinners for the fall and spring.  If you would like to be contacted once our schedule is in place, then please contact and we will let you know when we have more details!

We now have a store open on the farm where you can stop in and purchase our naturally raised eggs, meats, soaps and lotions.

Winter Hours-
We will have two "pop-up" Farmer's Markets on December 7 & 14th at th Millinieum Center in downtown Winston-Salem.
Other then these two Saturdays, the farm will be open for purchasing farm products from 10am-3pm each Saurday.
Address: 6651 Sullivantown Rd, Walkertown, NC 27051
We are at the far end of Sullivantown Rd.  The road will make a sharp curve to the left and you want to stay straight and to the right.  If you get to a stop sign, then you have gone too far.


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